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Big Bang fic

Title: Symptoms of Mercy: Part I - Deliver Me
Author: xeviscerax
Genre: Angst, Gen
Characters: Edward, Roy, Havoc, Hawkeye, OCs
Rating: R for violence, language, mature subject matter
Warnings: Torture, peril, blood and gore
Summary: After defeating the Homunculi and restoring Alphonse to his body, Edward decides to finish out his military contract under Mustang's command. When a routine mission goes awry, Ed goes missing, only to be found months later; tortured, maimed, and half-dead. It's clear how far his captors were willing to go to get information, but what exactly did they want to know? With Ed barely able to speak, they may never find out.

Notes: This story is just the first part of a much larger work-in-progress, collectively titled Symptoms of Mercy and will continue in at least three other parts. Please bear with me as I wrestle this monster into submission. Many thanks and internet cookies to my lovely beta sevlow and my art partner elasg, who went so far beyond my expectations I get embarrassed when I try to put my appreciation into words. Without them, this story would never have been written. For what it's worth...

(Chapter One) - includes illustration
(Chapter Two)
(Chapter Three) -
includes illustration

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