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No Soul?

I know it's said that the Sins have no soul. I can't remember who exactly said it but...

I'm sitting here, screencapping episode 30 (okay, right now I'm sitting here taking a short break), and it seems to be that Moofy does have a soul. A very adoribal one, at that.
And then I started thinking about the other Sins. Lust and her freaking-out-over-remembering-her-past, not to mention episode 35 and how it almost looked like she felt a bit of remorse over doing that.
Sloth and her freaking out when Winry said "You're Ed and Al's mother".
Wrath with his being unable to stand a babies cry.
Greed with his 'love' for his minions (you can't say you didn't see it!)
And finally Gluttony with his over-protectivness (love even?) over Lust.

It almost seems like they do have souls. Not almost, actually. It seems like they do have souls. I believe it was one of the Sins who said that they didn't have souls, but maybe they had convinced themselves of that so that way they would want to be human more. Or maybe "That Person" convinced them of that so they would strive to get the Philosopher's Stone.

Envy and Pride... I have yet to see anything really of them. That I've noticed, at least.

Began thinking about it after reading a post below this by josefphe and then watching episode 30 again.
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