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Sartorial Fanart

I happen to live less than two miles away from one of the theatres showing Sacred Star of Milos. Also, on a seemingly unrelated note, I have been planning to make myself some new clothes to wear to art shows and gaming conventions and the like. One of the outfits I was planning to make had an FMA theme (not cosplay; just... er... clothes inspired by FMA I guess), so I figured the movie would be a motivation to get the outfit ready.

So, I wanted to make a vest and foofy black pants. Because right now I only own foofy green pants, and sometimes a girl wants a little lack of color. This was done with no pattern because... I like doing things the hard way? I'm too lazy to buy patterns? I don't know.

Front shot: the shirt and boots are thrift store (I love those boots with all my heart). Brocade at my waist is the waistband of foofy pants. I found sweet buttons that look sort of like transmutation circles in my button box, too.

Photo is super unflattering. I've been sick lately but I like to think I don't look that bad in real life. Why does my hair look so stupid? Maybe I need a haircut.

Back of outfit. Yay applique. Ling agrees with me regarding foofy pants btw.

Not out of focus close-up on the applique. That brocade is gorgeous. Needs ironing. I don't own an iron. This is sort of a problem in my life as a seamstress.

I thought the outfit turned out alright. I still intend to put a black band around the collar, and embroider some transmutation circles on the front. I wasn't super pleased with the tailoring, but I'm still getting the hang of doing really tailored clothes without, as previously stated, a pattern. Still, I like it. Anyway, I will certainly wear it again.

And, out at the theater: actually flattering shot of me and the husband, who was dressed as Hohenheim. Oh wait, that's just how he dresses. I knew there was a reason I always thought Hohenheim was such a hottie.

Had a good time at the movie, though I did rather end up wishing that I hadn't accidentally attended the same showing as the local anime club. It was cool to hang out with them before the movie (and I won first prize in the trivia contest!) but then they spent the whole movie shouting and things so I couldn't hear the dialogue, and it made me sad.
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