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A Question Concerning Al

This is kind of a large question, but it's been bothering for a very long time and I thought marathoning Brotherhood this summer would help me keep things straight but it didn't so I'm asking you lovely people for help:

Throughout the series, who all learns the truth about Al's body being gone? Not necessarily who all knows the situation that lead to the loss of his body, but anyone (besides Ed) who knows that his suit of armor is/was hollow by the end of the series.

I can come up with a short list of people I'm pretty sure know but I'm not 100% certain about everyone:

I feel like the rest of Mustang-tachi must know.
The Homonculus and Father obviously
Izumi and Sig
May and Xiao Mei
Greed's other chimeras
Ling,Lan Fan, and Fu
Armstrong, Ross, and Brosh

Am I missing anyone? Did I add anyone I shouldn't have? Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much everyone! This has cleared up a lot of confusion I had and reminded me of a lot that I had forgotten.

This really was a horribly kept secret >.<

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