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15 January 2012 @ 12:21 am
2 Fics  

Title: What's in a name?
Author: [info]miss_auto1621
Series: Post Manga
Prompt: Pets
Word Count: 499
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Arakawa owns FMA and that's that.
Characters: Ed x Winry, kids
Summary: Post 108. In which the kids want pets.
Warnings: Minor spoilers, I guess.
A/N: It took this challenge to get me to write this idea. Also, I love the (RIP) names!
Part of Livejournal's[info]fma_fic_contest

The kids dragged their parents to the animal shelter.

Title: Prey
Author: [info]miss_auto1621
Series: Any
Word Count: 250
Rating: K+ish.
Characters: Gluttony
Theme: 147: Sugar
Summary: Upon his awakening he had to feed. (Not a vampire fic.)
Warnings: Well, it's Gluttony, so his table manners have NEVER been present, if you catch my drift.
A/N: When I saw the theme, I automatically thought of Gluttony and my Pre-cal teacher's favorite saying. The idea took a while, but it's his turn to be in a fic. ^-^ Enjoy!
Part of Livejournal's [info]fma_fic_contest

He woke in a cold environment and a wet tongue.

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