Miri-chan (teruteruboozu) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Icons, Roleplay Advertisement

Plenty of icons under the cut. Credit, comment, don't direct link.

[24] Full Metal Alchemist

[8] Roy
[8] Edward
[3] Hughes
[2] Havok
[1] Hughes Family
[1] Sins
[1] Office Lackeys


Numbers one and twenty-four both won second place at fma_awards. Also, some of these are used at fma_rp. :3

And, on another note...

ATTN: All RPGers:

fma_rp is searching for a new Alphonse. If you would like to apply, please IM either me or angels_burn under our AIM SNs, which are fiery alchemy and Human AIchemy, respectively, or leave a comment here to get in touch with us. We are interested in a dedicated armor!Al for some intense, awesome RP. <3

Not only that, but there are a few other characters available for the pickings. Armstrong, Winry, Lust, King Bradley, Gluttony, and Archer are available. Along with a few others that I'm sure I forgot. XD;
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