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Never Again

Requested in my request a drabble post (still taking requests, if you can find it).

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Hawkeye X Hughes (Hawkeye X Roy)
Title: Never Again
Word Count: 337
Rating: PG
Written for: selskia

"Hughes, come here." It wasn't a request, but an order, and no one refused one of Hawkeye's orders when she had that look in her eye. At least, if one was fully sane, unlike a certain colonal, they wouldn't refuse it.

Hughes followed Hawkeye out of said Colonel's office.

"Why won't he shut up about his new oh-so-perfect girlfriend?" Hawkeye demanded, pinning Hughes to the wall, and his new-found fear of her stopped him from gushing about how cute she was jealous.

"Why are you asking me?" Hughes asked. "Roy's still in his office, you can ask him."

"You're his best friend," she growled, then her voice softened a little. "Is she really as great as he says?"

"I've never met her," Hughes answered truthfully. "All I know is what he says," and boy, did Roy say a lot.

Like, how she couldn't cook, was loud and obnoxious, was a very violent drunk and that she was afraid of fire. All things that he had carefully omitted when talking in front of Hawkeye.

"Still, even if she was that perfect, that's no reason to go on and on. We're suppose to be at work, so why won't he shut up?"

Hughes was both greatly relieved and slightly hurt that no one got this jealous when he was talking about his wonderful wife or beautiful daughter, though, he didn't speak of them as often as they deserved.

"I don't know," because he told Roy that he wouldn't tell her it was to make her jealous.

Hawkeye’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as she looked at him, and at that moment, Roy's office door opened.

Hawkeye leaned forward and quickly locked lips with Hughes.

Roy looked at the two of them, almost bored looking, before he continued walking. "Gracia's going to kill you, you know," he said. "I'm going to get some coffee."

Hawkeye pulled away once Roy had turned the corner, and Hughes stared at her in shock.

"I'm never coming with you again," he finally said, before following after Roy.

Any and all CC is greatly appreciated.
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