colonel_alqui (colonel_alqui) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Roleplay Search?

All right, here's the deal - I'm looking for someone to roleplay any of the following pairings with me from FMA...

- Ed/Ling or Ed/Ling/Lanfan
- Ed/Hei or Hei/Ed/Noa
- Winry/Ed/Rose

I have also listed below some of the things I expect from you for this roleplay...

- Proper spelling and grammar.
- At least 2 to 3 paragraphs per posts.
- The ability to play out smut/violence/swearing.
- Creativity.

As far as plots go, I have a few. And we could always brainstorm, or use a plot of your own! Whatever works. I love AU plots, especially high school verse and movie verse, so feel free to suggest those!

I hope to hear from you! Please message me on LJ or find me on Gaia under the username HagarenHeart.

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