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Hey everyone, I need your help.

OK, we've all probably seen the Don't Forget video by now right? I'm trying to put together a file of all the fanart that's in the video. There are 60 pieces of fanart in the video and I've been able to track down all but two pieces. The reason I wanted to do this was because a lot of the fanart in the video is only a partial image and I wanted to be able to share all the fanart goodness in all its glory with everybody here in the fandom. So far, I have failed in my mission. :( This is where you all come in. If anybody here drew these or knows who did, if anybody has these pieces, or if anybody might know where to find the pieces I'm missing, I'd greatly appreciate it. I did send a message to dearheart who put the video together to get her help but so far nothing from her end. :( I'm seriously begging here people. I need whatever help I can get. Here are some screenshots of the fanart I need. Thanks in advance guys! :)

I'm not sure who's sweeter here - Ed or Nina! :)

I especially like this one. :)

For your entertainment, here's the Don't Forget video.

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