Bay Alexison (bay115) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Bay Alexison

Two Elric Brothers Fics

Happy Don't Forget! It's still going strong in California, 'kay? :P For this special occasion, two Elric brothers fics!

Title: Somewhere There's a Sunday in the Fall
Author: bay115
Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 491
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al
Summary: Al can't sleep and Ed keeps having nightmares, leaving them to wish for sweet dreams again.
Warnings: Elric brothers angst D:
Author's Note: For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 120, Song Lyrics. Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing!

At a city in the southern region of Amestris, Ed and Al were staying at an inn for the night.

Series: Manga/Brotherhood
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Characters: Ed, Al
Summary: After the Promised Day, Al was finally able to dream good dreams.
Warnings: Nothing except for brotherly love fluff. XD
Author's Note: For fma_fic_contest's Prompt 124, Dreams. Thanks to lalikaa for the great betaing!

One of the things Al wanted to do when he got back into his own body again was to dream.
Tags: fanfic (general)
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