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Fic: Photographs

Title: Photographs
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist ([info]miss_auto1621)
Pairing: Edward E. & Winry R.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme: 15: Photograph
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Fiction is wonderful, but reality comes and crushes the beautiful lies. Arakawa owns FMA and as much as I dream, I don’t own it. :(
Summary: When you thouroughly search for something, you’re most likely to find just that and a few more surprises, especially if your parents are forever in a still. Post Manga. EdxWinry.
A/N: I considered the degree of seriousness for every image that popped into my head with this theme. If I had chosen anything kinkier, I’d be writing M-rates. That’s not good.
Part of LiveJournal’s [info]101_kisses challenge!

“Mom, I can’t find them!”“Well, keep looking!”

“I already searched in the drawers and the bolts aren’t there!”

“They’re there; you just don’t want to look for them.”

Edward sighed. Why was it that he and his sister had to look for the things his mother asked for when she didn’t have time to look for them? He had done a complete scan of every drawer in the house, but he still couldn’t retrieve the A-11s that were necessary for completion of an automail leg.

“Seriously?” he asked himself.

“You can’t find them either?” Nina asked as she came into the room her brother was in.

“Nah. I don’t know where mom could have possibly put them,” he said as he began his search again.

“I already looked in your room, my room, Rutch’s doghouse, Alexander’s cage, and even the bathrooms,” the girl began as she pouted.

“Why would a jar of bolts be in places like those?” Ed asked as his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Have you ever noticed mom places things in unusual places?” Nina asked. “She puts money in books, wrenches under her pillow, oil in her purse, and her handy switch blade thingie, which is not even a blade, in her back pocket. I have a reason to suspect the damn bolts could be hiding in there.”

Ed reconsidered. “You make a good point, but, nah.”

“Why not?”

The boy shook his head. “It’s more likely that the jar’s in her room.”

“Fine, then you look there. I’m going to search in other places,” Nina said as she walked out of the room, feeling unrecognized for her observations and hypothesis.

“Good luck,” Ed mumbled as he headed for his parents’ room.

“Have you found them?” Winry called from her shop.

“No! Still looking!”

Geez, if she wants them so bad she can look for them herself, he thought. He just felt really lazy when he saw that the room was a bit messy, but decided that if he wanted his mother off his back, he’d better get his ass moving and find those stupid bolts.

He felt kind of awkward and had to blush when he noticed some undergarments here and there, indicating that his parents really loved each other. He had images he did not want to see and hoped to find the jar soon. It was not fun or ideal thinking about how your parents had sex, but the room screamed at him. He shuddered as he sat on Winry’s side of the bed to search into her drawers again and wondered how he had missed those details. It was like he was awake after half a day of searching.

“Hey, Ed!” Nina called as she entered her parents’ room. “Look at these – what happened here?”

She stopped to look at her surroundings and diverted her attention to her brother after spotting her mother’s bra.

“Aw, man. I did not want to see that.”

“I don’t think you understand the fact that we guys are a lot more perverted than girls,” Ed pointed out as he kept searching. “Trust me, I damn that instinct right now.”

Nina blinked as she processed what he said. “You made me feel dirty. Anyway, look!”

Her brother rolled his eyes in annoyance. “What?”

Nina pulled out papers from an envelop and handed them to Ed.

“Pictures?” he asked irately. “Really? Now?” he scoffed and placed them on the bed as he went back to searching his mother’s drawer.

“You could at least see them,” Nina said.

“I’m looking for the fucking bolts, which I never found. Aren’t you supposed to be helping me?”

He stopped talking when Nina placed a picture in between his eyes and the contents of the drawer.

“Have you ever seen something so cute, yet so…not cute?” Nina asked as she considered how to word it all.

Ed held the picture and examined it. The man in the picture looked like him – well, he looked like the man in the picture – but he was lip-locking with his mom. He didn’t know what to think of that. His parents were not the type of people to pose in front of a camera and kiss to keep a memory of it. Unless they were that daring and deceived everyone. He felt deceived, considering Ed and Winry went so far as to kiss lightly in front of the kids, something short and sweet to show some love and affection so the kids would know their parents loved each other even if they fought and (mother) threw things to prove points.

“What do you want me to make of this?” Ed asked.

“Keep looking,” Nina ordered as she handed him the pile of pictures.

He questioned her with his stare, but began to flip through the pictures.

“Why would they keep something like this?”

“It’s kinda weird, right?” Nina asked. “I bet they worked hard to hide this.”

“I doubt they would keep this,” Ed began. “I mean, if you look at them, they’re in order and it’s like a story.”

“I know, genius. That’s why I showed them to you.”

Ed flipped through the pictures again. The first one had his parents looking at each other.

The second one had his parents leaning closer to each other.

The third one was the one where they were kissing – the one his sister initially showed him – which made him silently curse it because the kissing included some uncivilized smooching.

The fourth one had Ed and Winry turning to the camera.

The next one had Edward enraged while Winry tried keeping her face from melting.

The last one had a cracked lens and the sight of Ed and Winry’s backs.

“I like the last one,” Ed commented. “Dad kicked ass.”

Nina giggled. “I wonder who the person taking the pictures was.”

“He must’ve had guts to mess with mom and dad.”

“Worst idea. Ever.”

Ed had resumed his search when he felt his fingers touch a smooth, glassy surface.

“Hell. Yeah,” Ed celebrated as he pulled out the jar of bolts.

“Finally,” Nina complained as she placed the pictures back in their envelop. “We can go back to our lives.”

Winry came into her room. “There you are.”

“Before you start, mom, I found them,” Ed pointed at the jar as he made his way to where his mother stood. Nina followed him, leaving the envelop of pictures on the bed. She realized she didn’t have it when she was a few paces away from the door.

“Thank you,” Winry said as the kids walked out, mumbling a “You’re welcome” by force in order to escape her. Sometimes, they got really annoyed with things, which annoyed the hell out of Winry. They were supposed to understand that their mother could not do some things at times and they needed to help her out. But the kids had their attitudes and she had to deal with two teenagers with unstable emotions.

She had eyed the envelop her daughter had when she set it on the bed and made her curious. She snagged it and before getting back to work, she began to flip through the pictures. She was horror-stricken.

What were those pictures doing there? How did they get inside her house? How did her kids get a hold of them?

“Oh my – ” She could not figure out how to finish that statement. She remembered this from a party she and Ed had attended since it was one of the few events she regretted going to. She never realized she and Edward would be considered ‘famous’, so it caught her off guard that a paparazzi would start taking pictures of them. And it had to be when Ed and her were supposedly in private, kissing with all the liberty in the world. Edward instinctively punched the man and the camera lens, considering him lucky since he didn’t have a metal fist anymore.

Now, her kids had seen these pictures and could not seem to find a way to so much as bring up the topic. She would just have to act like she hadn’t noticed. Locating the waste basket, she threw the envelop into it and went back to work. Private moments should stay private.

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