♬♪♩♭♪ (lepharus) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Don't Forget- 3.Oct.11

Okay, this is probably the nerdiest post I'll ever make.  But the FMA 'anniversary' is coming up soon, and I think it's pretty cool that this October is actually the 100th anniversary of that day, if you're going by the manga.  Are you planning on doing anything for it?  I've talked to a friend who I got into the series about getting tattoos (though that probably won't happen) and throwing an FMA party.  Yes, there will be very few in attendance, but we both love the anime, and for me especially it holds a dear place in my heart, and maybe it'll be fun to celebrate it for a day.  Do you have any ideas to celebrate the series?

I am totally serious about doing something on that day, as ridiculous as it may sound, haha.  I just need more ideas!
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