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Fic: 4:00

Title: 4:00
Author: Auto-Alchemechanicist  ([info]miss_auto1621)
Pairing: Edward E. & Winry R.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Genre(s): Romance/General/fluff/EdxWinry
Theme: 6: Green tea
Rating: K for Kake & T for tea…or (minimal) teen, what ever floats your boat. Around those lines for some girl stuff.
Disclaimer: If I did own FMA, my ideas would be Gaiden by now.
Summary: The time of the month is always a bitch. Post CoS. Refers back to chapter 2: Surreal, but is not necessary to read to understand this chapter.
A/N: Dedicated to Yeye because she’s the most adorable thing EVER (next to her brother) and because she’s a smart 11 year old for sparking this idea.
Part of LiveJournal's [info]101_kisses challenge!

The tea pot shuffled as the water inside heated up. Edward had constantly checked on it to make sure it wasn’t burning, or if the kitchen wasn’t ablaze, as he kept Winry some company. That Sunday had not been her day, especially since she had tried to get accustomed to the strange, foreign world she had stumbled upon a few days prior. Edward had found her in a dark alley way with a few men molesting her, but he didn’t know it was her until he kicked their asses and had them arrested. Nevertheless, Winry was in pain.

‘So much pain, so much pain, so much pain,’ her mind kept repeating as she clutched her stomach and moaned in agony. Her eyes were shut as tears helplessly ran down her face and wished to forget the embarrassing situation that had gone on. It was only natural for women to have their cycle with bothersome cramps and inconvenient timing. Winry knew how to deal with all that, knew what to do to get ready, and knew that it is a very delicate and complicated topic to talk about with men. She hoped that she would never have to fully talk about it with Ed, but some wishes never did come true.

While preparing the upcoming meal, she felt discomfort and a sudden rush that stung her abdomen as if she were being stabbed by a pitchfork. The food was ready, the table was set, and the pastry dish was decorated with crumpets, muffins, and biscuits. The only things that were needed were for Al to come home and for the tea to be ready. That’s when she decided to stand from where she sat to make sure it wasn’t what she thought it was. However, the plan was ruined as she saw blood and her brain began to wreck itself.

‘Damn it, what do I do now?’ she asked herself as she walked around the apartment bathroom. It’s not like Ed and Al kept pads around for her. The only choice she had was to buy a bag before either of them knew what was going on. She was surprised to see Ed waiting for her outside the bathroom.

“Are you okay?” he asked with concern.

Winry blinked. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered with a wry smile.

Ed wasn’t as convinced as he should have been and pressed on. “Are you sure? You, uh, well…there’s something where you…were sitting and um….”

Winry couldn’t tell if her blush put his to shame as she stood frozen for a moment. She didn’t even have to check her chair to know she had stained it.

“Ohh,” she moaned as she brought her hands to her temples and bowed her head. She did not want to face Ed with so much embarrassment.

“I…uh,” she didn’t know what to say as she wrapped her arms around her stomach to avoid doubling over and falling.

Ed stared at her sympathetically as she looked up to see if he had stopped staring at her. She was in dismay. Her face was red and her eyes looked glazed and glassy, as if she were about to cry. That was the last thing he wanted!

“Uh, it’s okay,” he reacted with a jump as he placed his hands on her shoulders to straighten her up. “Just, uh, don’t worry about it.”

“My stomach hurts,” she muttered as she felt her legs weaken and as she felt that her clothes couldn’t be able to resist her.

Ed didn’t know what to do with her. “Um, want me to take you to a bed?”

One of Winry’s eyebrows shot up when Ed realized the double meaning behind his proposal. “You know, so you can rest?” he added instantly.

“Okay,” she said before she fell forward and had Ed catch her in her arms.

How many times were they going to have awkward moments in their relationship? Were they going to keep blushing if something like this happened? As Winry thought of this while lying down, she couldn’t help thinking that it was part of their lives and they would not get rid of them. Moreover, the time of the month was always a bitch and Winry cursed it forever.

She just didn’t expect for Ed to come in with a tray of food and their cups of tea. He said that food tasted better with company and Winry thought that he stole that idea from her Granny. Nonetheless, she sat up as he handed her one cup of tea to reduce her pain before they ate. As she took a sip, the clock tower chimed four times, signaling that it was time for tea. She was feeling the effect of the tea and smiled.

“Feeling better?” Ed asked as he took a sip from his cup.

Winry placed a quick kiss on his forehead before he held her face and brought her lips to his. “Yes. Tea’s good,” she answered as she tried hiding her blush and took another sip. Tea was very good from the looks of it.

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