shindkrow (shindkrow) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Help? Need someone in the UK...

I need to order a Fullmetal Alchemist game from the UK, but doesn't ship to the US.

Can anyone purchase it for me and ship it to me? You will be fully reimbursed (and probably + commission). I'd prefer you had feedback somewhere. ^^

Any help is much appreciated!
The game is not that expensive... I'd estimate around $20-$25 USD before shipping.

Okay, I found one on Ebay that's German/English for $27. It's not the regular, I guess... normal Europe edition, but it has an english manual and text, so it works! But if anyone is still willing to help me order the one I found, it would be much appreciated to not have one with a bunch of German mixed in. ;)

Thank you all ^^
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