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Fic: Whatever it Takes- Updated!

Chapter 8: Making the Most of It
CHARACTERS: Braeda/Chris, Royai, Grumman, OCs
RATING: This chapter T (Overall, NC-17)
WARNINGS: Language
SUMMARY: In this installment Braeda and Christmas arrive in Youswell, ready to wait for Grumman to take the bait on their plans.  But when Grumman finds out Chris has left Central, does he fall for their trick as hard as they planned?

Link to chapter on FF.NET.  Previous chapters can also be found there.

I drew up a floor plan of the military housing unit that Braeda and Chris are living in (because I have nothing else to do with my degree right now). 

Cross posted, sorry for spam :)  Bug huge hugs to missyquill for beta-ing despite it being a big holiday weekend in her hometown.  I am so grateful, chick!
Tags: fanfic (adult)
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