Humble Gerbil (harmonyangel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Humble Gerbil

Fic: A Flower Trying to Bloom in Snow (Gracia and Winry gen)

Title: A Flower Trying to Bloom in Snow
Challenge: Written for fma_ladyfest for catw00man
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,600
Characters: Gracia Hughes, Elysia Hughes, Winry Rockbell
Summary: An afternoon of baking between two women who've known loss.
Notes: Title from "The Tower," by Vienna Teng. Many, many thanks to likeadeuce, for beta and unending hand-holding. My recipient wanted to know more about Gracia, and I hope I've provided!

I've always been the tower...
Tags: fanfic, fanfic (general)

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