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28 July 2011 @ 12:03 am
FMA Fan-made Stuff Sale =3  
Hi everyone! I have some fan-made items for sale. They were sold during MiniComi 2011 (a local fan-artist event in Vancouver, BC) and I am selling some of the remaining items online. Please click the photo below to my journal's sale post. Thanks!

Items include: FMA 2012 Calendar, Ed & Al Note Pad, Al Sticky Pad, Al Magnets, Anime charms

I also have some *DOUJINSHIS* and *FMA MERCHANDISES* for sale (please click the words). Combined shipping welcomed ^_^ Thanks for reading.

As LJ is still acting a bit wonky, I would prefer e-mail communication for the moment. My e-mail is edo.aru[at]gmail.com. Thanks!