Zippit (zippitgood) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FIC: If You Still Believe (PG)

Title: If You Still Believe
Author: Zippit
Timeline: Post Manga/Brotherhood
Series: If You Still Believe
Characters: Riza Hawkeye
Rating: PG
Word Count: 489
Completed: June 23, 2011
Challenge: fma_fic_contest
Prompt: 120 - Use a Song Lyric in Your Fic 2
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed within are not mine. They belong to the author, producers, voice actors, and corporate entities that own them. I mean no disrespect and have no intentions of making a profit. This is merely a loving response to the original work.
Beta: Thanks to catw00man.
Author's Notes: Song is If You Still Believe off the Legend of Dragoon soundtrack, a very old game by now but a gorgeous song and game.

Summary: An unexpected letter asks a question only Riza's heart can answer.

If You Still Believe
Tags: fanfic

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