Barking at the wind (evil_little_dog) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Barking at the wind

Fic: "Devotion" 16/?


Summary: The cold stone seemed to freeze all the feeling in her fingertips but she couldn't stop herself from tracing the letters.

Disclaimer: I am not Hiromu Arakawa. I just play her on TV.

Rating: Adult; i.e., it'd get at least a hard "R" rating based on the old system.

Pairings: Past Al/Winry, Ed/OC, ultimately Ed/Winry

A.N.: Mangaverse, futurefic. Everything up to at least chapter 76 (and possibly beyond) is fair game. Spoiler warning. Much thanks to lyrangalia for loving this story and for cornerofmadness's edits, comments and attaboys.

Staring up at the white limestone building in front of her, Winry took a deep breath. The edifice seemed to glare back at her, unyielding despite her many visits, the time she’d spent within its walls. She started at the touch on her shoulder, looking back to see Gracia’s warm smile. “Go on.” Gracia nodded encouragingly. “You know he’s waiting for you.”

All chapters (except the one linked above)are at FFN with proper spacing - HTML has gone wonky on many of the original posts. I will fix them eventually, but probably not today.

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Tags: fanfic (teen)

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