Grygon (grygon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

ouroboros cell phone charm

I made these cute little FMA ouroboros cell phone charms that no one wants to buy cause they are afraid of sharp corners (yet the wolf charms I make out of the same material have no problems in selling lol, and no one has had any issues with them).

So! I was thinking of holding a (free) raffle for them. But I'd need something in return- a pageview on deviantart, or a "like" on my facebook fanpage, or a "friend" on my art livejournal so I am asking you guys: where would you like the raffle held? Facebook or deviantart or livejournal?

I'd also need a minimum number of peeps to enter the raffle, but since FMA is an "old" fandom and not as active as it used to be, what do you think my min # of entered people should be?

ETA: the charms in question in a bad photo:

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