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n., cloud-cuckoo-land

find us where the lost ones go; alfons heiderich + edward elric

title: find us where the lost ones go
author: nefelokokkygia 
series: hagane-no renkinjutsushi/fullmetal alchemist
rating: pg-13 (language)
timeline/spoilers: original anime ending + pre-CoS
general notes: this is a portion of a piece written for an AU-plot/pairing fic I have in the works, which meddles with the movie timeline and branches off from there (because the movie really did disappoint me). in this segment (the piece isn't finished, far from it actually), I wanted to explore the potential of Alfons' backstory, and since the movie gives us hardly any solid information, this leaves plenty of room for toying around. I run through the theory of the alter-Edward from the last few episodes of the original series being related to Alfons, base much of his backstory around this theory, and then elaborate on how he and Edward came to meet and look at the development of their friendship from there. note and keep in mind that in this AU-verse, I have kept Hohenheim alive and Edward and Alfons will be in close relation with him in the actual AU-fic. I hope to start posting said fic sometime over the summer, but enjoy a little peek at the world I am slowly but surely creating. also, I just love me some Alfons.

summary: heaven bend to take our hands, and lead us through the fire, in a world made of flame and heat and the dying of a spark.

It is on the steps of a dying land that Alfons Heiderich holds his sobbing Mother, and vows that once he leaves, he is never coming back. )
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