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Ficlet - Fish Tales

Title Fish Tales
Author- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer I don’t own these guys but it would be nice if I did.
Rating PG
Characters/Pairing gen fic implied Roy/Riza, Ed/Winry
Timeline/Spoilers Post 108, spoilers for the end of story/calendar ‘photographs.’
Word Count 250
Warning none
Summary Like all good fish stories, the fish just keeps getting bigger.
Author’s Note. Let’s go with the obvious rendition of ‘fish.’ Also, the title is lame but I got hot and now I can’t think so it will do. This was written for fm_fic_contest's 'fish' prompt


“I’m telling you the fish was this big!” Ed flung out his arms, nearly knocking over his lemonade.

“A fish bigger than you? I can believe that.” Mustang smirked, taking a cookie off the tray.

“Shut the hell up. You and I are pretty much the same size now,” Ed shot back.

“Yes, he’s finally realized you were never that tall, sir,” Al said smugly.

“He confused my presence with my actual height.” Roy didn’t miss Riza and Dr. Pinako rolling their eyes in concert.

“Who the hell even invited you?” Ed glared. “Resembool is ourhome, free from you.”

“I wanted to see Riza,” Winry said, stretching against the porch railing.

“And Alphonse invited me.” Roy patted Al’s shoulder.

“Traitor.” Ed stomped into the house. “I’m getting the pictures.”

“So, he became Hughes’s replacement?” Roy’s eyebrows shot up.

“It’s his way of bringing me into his travels.” Winry smiled fondly. “He doesn’t have quite as many as Mr. Hughes.”

“That’s a relief,” Riza muttered.

Ed banged back out the door, slapping the photos down. He quickly flipped through them, shoving one under Roy’s nose. “See, it’s a BIG fish!”

“Edward, that’s a shark. You didn’t say it was a shark.” Rolling his eyes, Roy took the picture, handing it to Riza.

“A shark is a fish!”

“Yes, but calling it a fish is like calling human transformation ‘slightly tricky alchemy’.” Roy shrugged.

“Whatever, I caught it.”

“You didn't catch it. You’d have been pulled in,” Roy replied and Ed puffed up.

“Here we go again.” Al sighed.
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