laura (seatbeltdrivein) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Cities in Dust 2/6 [Roy/Ed - R]

Title: Cities in Dust 2/6
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Overall Rating: R
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Word Count: 3400 for this part
Series: Manga AU – Ed still has his alchemy and his automail
Summary: The Fuhrer has a responsibility to the people and the nation that often supersedes his own desires. When Roy's forced to send Ed to the northern front, he vows to end the war as soon as possible – but reality is rarely so kind.
Warnings: violence and language
Notes: Part two of a_big_apple's gift fic! Again, thanks goes to bob_fish for the beta work. ^^ I know, this was meant to have been posted tomorrow, but it's just occurred to me that I'll be gone for the most of the day between exams and my brother's birthday, so! I figured early was better than late. :)

Part one can be found HERE.

Cities in Dust 2/6
Tags: fanfic
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