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Fan arts and a fancomic.

I just recently got into FMA and I love it. So, now after a couple of weeks of binging on FMA episodes and manga, I'm going to share some drawings. :)

Title: It's Greed
Artist: derawr
Rating: G
Spoilers: Um, manga/brotherhood spoilers for Greed
Characters/Pairings: Greed, Ling
Artist's Notes: I noticed after I drew it that the homunculus tattoo is upside down. :/

( "It's Greed." )

Title: Envy
Artist: derawr
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Characters/Pairings: Envy

( "Envy" )

Title: Zits
Artist: derawr
Rating: PG-ish, there's a swear word in there...kinda
Spoilers: If you haven't read or watched up through chapter 53 or the Brotherhood episode 25, you'll be spoiled.
Characters/Pairings: Envy, Souls of Xerxes
Artist Notes: Does anybody else think that all those souls look like zits?

I just noticed that the photobucket image is kind of small. It's more readable on my dA.

On dA.

( "The Fancomic" )

Also posted on my dA account and hagaren_manga.
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