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Title: Conspiracy Theory For fmabigbang
Setting: AU, in the same universe as Two Good Legs. (tags in the posts will lead you to chapters.) This first fic was written three years ago, going on four, and the last part never fit well. Unfortunately, any attempts to remedy this has failed. Now, after three years and 6 attempts, the second part of this arc finally wants to be written. If you haven't read the first fic, I highly encourage it, but this fic will also fill in some missing pieces that TGL missed. The Pack finally gets their break to bring to light the true corruption of the military and Amestrian government. They must work quickly now to enact their plan. No one knows if they'll succeed, but they can only move forward and complete their mission.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, and this fiction was written for purely entertainment purposes and will never be sold as profit.
Warnings: None this chapter. However there will be graphic scenes, mature themes, and possible character death.
Word Count 2267

Special thanks to Myra for giving me lovely Arts!

"After all this time, Mustang still saw those two as eleven, broken and nearly lifeless as Ed sat in that wheelchair and Al loomed behind him in that armor, a silent sentinel."

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