Sonja Jade (sonjajade) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Sonja Jade

Stoner Series shoop #3: Space Cadet Blues

Title: The Boy With the 'Chinese Eyes'
Series: Brotherhood
Characters: Roy, Braeda, Havoc, Ling, Ed
Warnings: Some benign drug references: a package of rolling papers and someone toking on a joint.
Artist Notes: Goes with the third installment of the Stoner Series seatbeltdrivein   and I have been playing with, wherein Roy, Braeda, and Havoc decide it's time to find a new source for their green enjoyment.  They end up at Ling Yao's house where both he and his friend Ed are already soaring with the clouds and they strike a deal.

The fic and shoop can both be found HERE at my journal. 
Tags: photo minaps
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