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Fic - Tangled Web

Title - Tangled Web
Author- cornerofmadness
Disclaimer - not mine. All rights belong to Ms Arakawa
Rating Pg-13
genre action/adventure
Characters/Pairing Roy/Riza, Ed/Win, Al/OC
Timeline/Spoilers future fic and contains spoilers right up to the very end
Word Count 45,984
Warningviolence but no more than the manga,
Summary Father and Bradley were defeated but not everyone has gone quietly into that good night. Someone thinks Ed and Al were responsible for the death of General Raven and is out for revenge.
Author’s Note - Originally this was started for evil_little_dog and mjules for the holidays. I thought they’d enjoy where this story will go eventually. It was adapted and completed for fmabigbang Thanks to evil_little_dog and lyrangalia for the beta on the first few chapters and to evil_little_dog for the beta on the rest. THANK YOU to the lovely art I received from my artists, seeshelle & Yoporock. I’m so happy with it all.
Author’s Note #2 This is alternative reality. I started it two years ago long before we knew Roy’s exact relation to the Madam so that is different. Also, when this was started, I had no idea what would really happen with everyone at the end of the manga so there are some obvious deviations.

Tangle Web

Link takes you to my LJ to chapter one. The rest are linked at the end of the chapters.

Crossposted all over, my apologies if you see it multiple times
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