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2 fics

Title: Nice Work If You Can Get It
Author: jellyjay 
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 934
Rating: G
Character(s): Roy, Riza
Summary: It’s quiet in her apartment, and the first thing Roy spots is the little radio sitting on the coffee table.
Notes/Warnings: Takes place after the manga but there aren't any huge spoilers unless you count Roy's rank as one. I'm under the assumption they were both promoted. Also, I like the idea of an awkward-ish adjustment period between them in which they try to sort out what kind of relationship they have. And can't you just see Roy and Riza dancing to this song in Riza's living room? Writeen for Prompt 97: Midnight.

"Would you care to dance, Cap - Riza?" )


Title: The Waiting Room
Author: jellyjay 
Series: Any
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Characters: Urey and Sara Rockbell, mentions of Trisha and Pinako
Summary: Urey is friends with a girl called Sara.
Author's Notes:
Urey/Sara needs more love. Written for Prompt 100: Canon Pairings

Well. He likes to think he is. )
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