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Estvarya, Chapter 3 (FMA Big Bang Challenge Fic)

Chapter 3 of my Big Bang Challenge fic is up! Features Roy and Scar and a lot of Ishbalans, post-manga and a bit AU.

Title: Estvarya
Author: mfelizandy
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 22,000+
Pairing/Characters: Roy Mustang, Scar. Suggestions of Roy/Riza later in the story.

There's art for this story! Have a look at Rewire's sketches and the WIP of an collaborative painting she and Rufina are doing for an upcoming scene. Art Post!

Warnings: Probably some non-explicit nudity at some point or another--Ishbalan mores on nudity don't line up perfectly with western ideas. Likely to be some supporting-OC death. Culture-building. Mild language and some violence.

Summary: Post-manga AU. One of the pieces left behind by the Promised Day is a shard of the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Everyone who knows what it is agrees that it can't be left to cause grief to future generations.

That's about all they agree on.

Against a backdrop of looming war, a blind Roy Mustang rides across the border with the Scar of Ishbal at his side and a Philosopher's Stone in his pocket, on a mission to negotiate an end to the fighting and deliver the Stone to the Ishbalan Elders. Somehow, two of the least likely messengers Ishvarra could have picked must find a way to not only work together but also to save both their people and themselves.

Chapter 3.
Start from the beginning.

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