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FMA Big Bang - The Missing General

Title: The Missing General
Author: mintysage
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Multiple/Canon pairings; hints of Havoc/Rebecca
Warnings: Mild violence
Setting: Post-Manga

Summary: Years out of the military, after the Promised Day, Edward Elric has settled down and embraces the challenges of raising two growing kids. As far as he is concerned, life is peaceful... until his past comes back to ask the former State Alchemist for help.

General Roy Mustang has gone missing, and with no one able to find any clues on his whereabouts, Ed (with Alphonse in tow) sets out to trace the General's steps back to the very places the brothers visited while in the military.

Meanwhile, Roy Mustang has an inexplicable run-in with a past he didn't know he had, a past that could spell trouble for the Xingese and the Emperor himself!

Comments: This story was one of the longest and probably toughest projects I've ever had to participate in. It tested my patience and my willingness to finish a story and not leaving it halfway done. What I loved about it was getting to toss Ed and Al into another adventure after the manga and "Brotherhood" ended, what with having them embrace their new found lives with their new families in the process. It also let me explore Roy's past and who his parents might have been, though some of it may have been downright exaggerated. ;) At any rate, I do hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I had writing it.

Much thanks to my beta reader, kristensk, for the pointers, the late-night encouragement, and her Red Pen of Justice(TM) that killed those horrible typos and grammatical errors. And, many, many thanks to my wonderful artists - Zeixx and Lady Prophet - for their gorgeous contributions to this story!

Book 1 - Amestris

Book 2 - Xing

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