hopeswings (hopeswings) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[MMD] What Ed and Roy do when they are alone (kappa nitori)

Yeah, get your mind out of the gutter yaoi fans. lol This is also not making fun of the characters as I just love them and I thought it would be funny to make them dance to something like this. and yeah, Roy's leading with the dancing and singing.

The ending is funny. I took one look at the when I was making some other models dance and immediately thought of Roy and Ed. It'd be funnier with these two. Sadly I have no Riza so it's WInry that walks in on them but it's still a funny thought. So pretend that the stage is Mustang's office as it's the closest thing I can find.

Read youtube video description for stage/motion/and model links and credits.  (No direct downloads)
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