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FMA Big Bang - Closer to the Edge (Complete)

Title: Closer to the Edge
Author: catystorm 
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Off-screen major character death; future fic.
Word Count: ~39,000
Spoilers: None, Canon AU.
Characters/Pairings: Past Roy/Ed, Al/Winry

It is five years after the death of General Roy Mustang in the line of duty, and seven years after Edward has restored Alphonse to flesh. Edward, at a loss for what to do with his life now, remains in the military to try to keep Roy's dream alive of changing the country from the inside. Because of his many talents, one of Edward's new duties is running the circus that the State Alchemist examinations has become. Things rarely go smoothly for Edward. On top of rumors that there are Drachmian assassins after the acting-Fuhrer, he has to deal with the Tringhams (again!), way more paperwork than is fair, Sheska's sudden infatuation with him and the looming anniversary of Roy's death - all while keeping everything together in time to interview the State Alchemist candidates.

Author's Notes:
The origin of the Reverse'verse, so to speak. Right now, this is the longest stand-alone fic I've completed, and it clocked in at just under 40,000 words. I think I need to write a lot of Roy/Ed fic to make up for this monstrosity, haha. I probably owe it to Roy.

Anyway, thanks goes out to my lovely beta moumusu, (also known as Rian's fairy godmother), for all her help and encouragement in the writing of this behemoth. starving4scotch gets a special mention for her cheerleader status. Onwards to the next adventure!

Chapter 1: LJ ||| FF.N ||| AO3
Chapter 2:
 LJ ||| FF.N ||| AO3
Chapter 3:
LJ ||| FF.N ||| AO3

Tags: fanfic
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