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Big Bang 2010-11, Never Let Me Go

my big bang is done!

Title: Never Let Me Go
Author: gretchen8642
Genre: romance/tragedy
Word Count: 15932
Pairing/Characters: Royai, mention of others
Warnings: major spoilers for FMA
Summary: In order to make himself a better candidate for the Fuhrer’s seat, Roy gets engaged to a powerful General’s daughter. Riza must come to terms with losing the man she loves in a way she never expected. Although the ending has a shocking twist :O

AN: I really enjoyed writing this, a labor of love indeed! I want to thank my artists Angela and Zita for all their hard work in contributing to this project with me, which I’ve nicknamed my “Giant Epic Royai Saga”

(banner by bay115

Terrible danger has a way of setting your priorities straight.

(sorry for x posting D:)
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