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All Is For The One

My FMA BIg Bang story!

Title: All Is For The One
Rating: R for language, violence, sex, mentions of self harm and some descriptions of rape.
Characters/Pairings: Ed/Winry, Roy/Riza, Al/Mei, Ling/Ran, some Havoc/Rebecca, and a lot of OCs. Many other canon characters make appearances as well.
Summary: AU, mangaverse, after chapter 108.

Six years have passed since Father’s defeat. Things are slowly rebuilding. Not everyone agrees with General Mustang and the reforms he’s putting forth with President Grumman; nor have they forgiven him for his more than questionable actions during the war. The FullMetal Alchemist, his brother, and all of those involved in the fall of Fuhrer Bradley and the mysterious Father become targeted by a determined group of terrorists, keen on seeking retribution. People from different parts of the land have come together to break the people they consider evil and dangerous, and get what they want.

No matter the cost.

Chapter One:  Don't be shocked that people die...
Chapter Two:  "And there is of course the use of alchemists in war."
The song I imagine Ed and Winry dancing to is 'Little Bitty Pretty One', by Thurston Harris, as can be viewed here:
Chapter Three: They had earned their happiness...
Chapter Four:  How dearly she wanted to kill them all.
Chapter Five: The lights began to dim.
Chapter Six:  There was no other way.
Chapter Seven: Turn yourself in, or all of them will die.
Chapter Eight: ...Please don't die
Chapter Nine:He could not let go.
Chapter Ten:  Two more had fallen.
Chapter Eleven: "Never in a moment like this..."
Chapter Twelve: The fire came.
Chapter Thirteen: They would face the trials ahead.
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