Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lady Norbert

Against my own inclination, I have been coerced into writing a sequel to my first FMA multichaptered saga. And by coerced, I mean that the Team Mustang muses took my brain hostage and refuse to give it back. So they're getting a story of their own. I apologize if you see this more than once; I'm posting it to all the relevant comms.

Title: Brilliancy
Author: ladynorbert
Rating: T (figure PG-13), mostly for some mild swearing and some references to past sexual activity. Those references haven't appeared yet, but they will.
Warnings: Kidnappings. Implied character death is coming. Oh, and Roy becomes slightly unhinged.
Spoilers: Takes place after the manga/Brotherhood and contains spoilers for both. Also, being a sequel, it logically contains spoilers for Flowers of Antimony.
Characters/Pairings: The story primarily features Roy, Riza, and the members of Team Mustang, with Ed, Winry, Scar, Miles, Rebecca, and a couple of OCs. RoyAi and EdWin are very present; AlMay and LingFan are mentioned; Havoc/Rebecca is also present and Fuery/Sheska gets mentioned eventually.
Summary: Roy and Riza are hard at work on the Ishvalan revitalization when a mysterious summons brings the members of Team Mustang on a wild goose chase. Amestris's resident chessmaster soon finds himself challenged by an unseen opponent, and the stakes are higher than he can handle...and even if he wins, he still might lose.
Author's Notes: If you read FoA, you might remember that the story and all chapter titles were named for real alchemical terms; in this, all the titles are chess terms. If you didn't read FoA, please read that first (it's linked above) because otherwise some of this story might not make sense. Chapter six was posted this morning and I'm working on seven at the moment. Also, please leave feedback! You can do it here if you'd rather leave an LJ comment than an FFN review. Thanks!
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