god help the girl (sixpences) wrote in fm_alchemist,
god help the girl

Fic - All the Work of My Hands

Pairing/Characters: Ensemble (pairings include Ed/Winry, Al/May, Roy/Riza and Greed/Ling/Lanfan)
Content Advisory: Kissing, babies, terribad innuendo
Words: 4,377
Summary: Snapshots, here and there, some three or four years after the epilogue *handwaves in the general direction of the timeline*. Headcanon abounds.

Written for astridv who won fic from me in help_pakistan many moons ago. Endless apologies for how ridiculously late this is! My thanks to the impeccable aamalie for beta reading. Title taken from Sufjan Stevens's "Saul Bellow".

"Wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
Tags: fanfic
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