Simon (sfk_for_short) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Ouborous logo (& decals!), Serpent Cross logo

I kept forgetting to make a post about my 2nd round of decals till I saw the one requesting the ouroboros. So I'm posting that and the versions of the logos I drew myself so y'all can use them for your art and whatnot. :)

Ouroboros business card holder! Wee! (Yes, I slapped these on everything I own.)

Ouroboros Symbol
(This one is pretty accurate.)

Serpent Cross Symbol
(Note on these, the points on the cross are a bit different from the original...but not too noticeable. I couldn't make out the detail on it from the references I was using at the time. X_X May go back and fix it someday.

Enjoy. :)
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