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FIC: Nomads of the Green Country

Prompt: Write a weird crossover fic, be as seamless as possible (Pleased to say I tied for 3rd!)
: Nomads of the Green Country
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood/Manga, Mushishi
Word Count: 6,398
Rating: K/G
Character(s): Al/Mei and others, Ginko and others
Summary: While travelling across the behemoth nation of Xing, the Dragon’s Pulse somehow ‘flickers’ and the alkahestric research party finds itself wandering a lush, green land where a strange looking man is their guide, and neither side is sure what to believe…

Warnings: This is post canon FMA, during the bamboo forest episode of Mushishi, “Inside the Cage”.
Author's Notes: I love Ginko to pieces.  I’ve wanted to do a crossover fic for a while now, so glad I finally have a reason to!  Many of the VA’s for FMA also worked on Mushishi, specifically Travis Willingham (Roy, Ginko) Vic Mignogna (Ed, Kisuke), Colleen Klinkenbeard (Riza, Setsu) and Monica Rial (Mei Chang, Kisuke and Setsu’s daughter).  It will be mentioned, just didn’t want to confuse anyone who hadn’t seen the show.

Thanks to haganeneko  for beta-ing and being generally awesome ;)

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Tags: fanfic (general)
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