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enemy to sleep

Fic + Art

Title: Auspicious Omens
Author: enemytosleep

Word Count: 153
Rating: PG
Characters: Ling/Al
Prompt: fmagiftexchange - Al/Anyone from Xing (Crush)
Summary: Ling and Al discuss the magic of Xing.

Warnings: Ling is naughty, but Al can be even worse.
Notes: The length is due to the style of the exchange this round, i.e. short, quick fills for multiple prompts so we all get lots of cute Valentine's gifties. :D

It seems like everything is an omen of sorts in Xing.


I have an offer up at help_japan. To help raise relief funds, you may bid for fanfic from me HERE.

Title: Four Cups For Every Teapot
Artist: enemytosleep
Rating: PG
Characters: Ling/OC Concubines
Prompt: fmagiftexchange - Emperor Ling (Oh Yeah)
Summary: Ling is awesome. That is all.

Warnings: Subtle naughtiness in the wings, but really very work and child safe.
Notes: According to the interwebs, there is a saying used to explain why Chinese men need multiple women, but not the reverse: One teapot is usually accompanied by four cups. But have you ever seen one cup with four teapots? I had originally intended to depict all four of my No Sound of Water OCs in this pic, but in an effort to limit the amount of time I spent working in order to keep this a true drawble (and not a full-fledged art piece), I had to settle for two girls only. Poor Ling.

Emperor Ling - Oh Yeah.

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