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FIC: The True Story [eventual RoyEd, PG13]

Title: The True Story
Author: seatbeltdrivein
Rating: PG13
Pairing: While this universe is intended to be RoyEd in the end, this part is purely gen.
Word Count: 4000
Summary: Amestris – October, 2010. While returning from a tour, the train carrying Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang and his men home breaks down in a little town called Resembool. He was expecting dirt roads and rednecks. What he got was a little different.
Warnings: The aftereffects of human transmutation, language
Notes: There is a story behind this fic – this is the first FMA fic I ever wrote, and I never planned on posting it. It's very self-indulgent. The story behind this is that I thought, after seeing the first anime, "You know, all of this would have been so much more difficult to pull off with a bit of modern-day bureaucracy." And thus, this fic was born, essentially amounting to a rewrite of the series to fit that "what if?" And also for RoyEd, because, well, you know. And after I wrote *this* fic, I proceeded to write a whole slew of fics in this universe, all while thinking that I would never post them. Well, here I am, posting them. Basically, I can't seem to stop writing this universe, and I'm procrastinating *anyway*, so I thought, why not? and decided to edit up this first part and stick it up. Nope, I have no self-control, not even a little.

The True Story
Tags: fanfic

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