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Lawful Good Paladog

"Apologies" by cinnamonxsweet [AlMei]

Author: cinnamonxsweet
Rating: PG
Pairing: AlMei
Word Count: 699
Summary: Some things have to be said, even if they're known.
Warnings: Implied sexytiems if you think real hard about it. Oh, and SPOILERS for... well, the end of the series.
Notes: This is my first fic posted to this group. Heck, my first FMA fanfic at all. So please tell me what you think. 



“Alphonse?” It had taken a lot of insistence from the younger Elric brother for her to drop the formality of his name she’d used for so long, but she still never called him by his nickname.

                The golden-haired young man didn’t open his eyes, opting instead to let out a noise that made her aware that he was listening. Watching him lie there in the silky sheets, one of his hands lifted to rest across his forehead, the other cast to the side, it was hard to imagine a time when he didn’t possess his current body. But it was unlikely she’d ever forget the sound of his clanking footsteps. She still caught herself being confused over the difference in his voice before remembering that, since he was no longer a hollow suit of armor, it wouldn’t ring anymore.

                “Do you remember… Do you remember when we lost you? On the Promised Day?” She wasn’t sure she even wanted to look at him. Those were painful memories for everyone. She did, though; there was no reason for him to ever have to suffer those thoughts alone. Not while she was around and could share them. And as she’d expected, her dark eyes caught the momentary tightening of his expression, down to the way his eyes slowly flickered open to look at the ceiling.

                “I doubt I could forget.” A smirk that was far more sad than amused pulled over his face. Edward and Alphonse really were quite similar in appearance, even down to the way they smiled. Alphonse's smiles were always a lot softer, though. She loved that about him.

                There was a long silence between them. Alphonse and Mei were usually rather lucky in that their silences were rarely awkward, but there was a underlying tension in this one. There were words still waiting to be said, but it was a surprise to both of them when they said the same ones at the same time.

                “I’m sorry.”

                And just like that, stress dissipated into laughter. Al’s steady peals and Mei’s giggles were enough to make the conversation far lighter than it had been when it began. The boy was the first to recover, shaking his head at her with a smile still lingering. “Why are you apologizing, Mei?”

                The Xingese girl twisted herself so that she was draped across his chest, looking down at him intently. “I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to transmute you.” A frown filled her expression, chasing the laughter from before from her eyes. “I knew I needed to, so I did, but I really didn’t want to. I should’ve trusted you immediately. Or maybe I shouldn’t have done it at all. But if I hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here. None of us would be here.” Her words were rambling now, flowing quickly from one into the next, becoming increasingly upset as they went along. Before she knew it, a finger had fallen over her lips, effectively silencing her so that she looked at him with shining eyes.

                “I’m sorry that I even asked you. I’m glad that everything worked out like it did, but I’m sorry that I had to put you in a position like that.” The younger Elric's sad smile was back, directed at her this time, and she could feel his hand adjust so that it was his thumb on her lips instead, sliding gently over them. “How about I promise that you’ll never have to do anything like that to me again?”

                She smiled back. “ I’m going to hold you to that, Mister Alphonse.”

A kiss, warm and gentle, sealed the deal.

A few more kisses and dark days were far from their minds once again.

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