certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs (skylilies) wrote in fm_alchemist,
certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs

fullmetal alchemist - roy+ed - insubordinate

| a roy+ed mini-mix |

a/n: this mix is meant to be about the dynamic between edward & mustang -- all though it can be flexibly interpreted, i didn't approach it from a romantic pov (because ed's underage through most of the series & mustang's in a power of position over him.) -- but more from the look at how, despite all the bickering and fighting, they (especially roy, who i believe hurts for edward and what he's been though, especially considering his own experience - this is how 'blind' got on the mix) really do respect each other -- and are quite similar, in their way. enjoy the mix, tell me your thoughts! (:

also, be warned, there's a lot of dropping of the f-bomb on this mix, so nsfw!
Tags: fanmixes

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