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Hilo! I'm new, just to point out the blantly obvious=x

Every so often I catch myself wandering to this community, and believe me I've been in stupid mode in barely thinking "Umm.. maybe I should just join?!=D"

Laugh or throw rocks in pleasure of my stupidness=D

Anyhoo, I am probably one of many Roy Mustang fans=3 I adore almost all the cast -Armstrong just scares me- but I like Roy for his take on things, and he happens to wield one of my two very favourite elements >^__^< and it doesn't hurt that he just looks so darn cool.

But enough of my gushing ramble, I've liked the series since.... probably about mid-November? Hmm... I think that sounds right, I finally checked it out when selphish went on about the series!XD -yay for her awesomeness of bringing people into teh light!1!-

I've also been following the manga as Toriyama comes out with it, though I'm dying with anticipation and wish that the japanese bookstore I go to had any FMA volumes!=O -though it'd probably help if I had money too..-

But yosh! Mindless dribble of me introing and whatnot, I now leave you to the regularly scheduled community=D

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