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More art! You know you want it!

Because I want to, and because I can, and because lelldorin's paying me to, and because you can never have too much luff for these guys . . .

First, I fixed up and inked the Martel sketch. I corrected the harness and knife designs, double checked the tat, fixed the hair (it was too poofy) and gave the little hebi-chan a halo of her own.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for . . .

ANGEL GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per lelly-chan's request, drawings of Angel!Dorochet and Angel!Roa are forthcoming. He gets the sketches, I get money an d keep the inked drawings. Everybody win!

I'm thinking I may just do a whole angel series of all the cool FMA characters who, unfortunately, kick the bucket . . . the list is already pretty long. I wonder how long it will be by episode 51 . . .

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