bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: The Phoney War, Chapter Four

Title: The Phoney War, Chapter Four: Two Plus Two
Setting: Fullmetal Alchemist, mangaverse, post-series, yet plotted out way last year: this 'verse is AU on a few plot points from 104-108.
Characters: Roy/Ed, Havoc/Rebecca, Riza/Miles, Al, Winry, ensemble.
Rating: R for naughty.
Word count: 5735
Summary: Two years on from the Promised Day. Amestris is without a Fuhrer, the military is teetering on the brink of civil war, and Team Mustang search urgently for the opposition's secret alchemical weapon. Any day now could be the first day of the war, and everyone is feeling the pressure. So is it any wonder that Ed and Roy's growing friendship just kindasorta combusted on them?
Notes: Direct sequel to No Small Injury. Illustrated fic is illustrated (by me). Betaed and edited by enemytosleep.

Chapter One: Blue Monday
Chapter Two: Make Your Mind Up Time
Chapter Three: Something Stupid
Chapter Four: Two Plus Two
Tags: fanart, fanfic

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