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doujinshi listing needs your updates! / recs wanted! / plotbunny needs a partner

I haven't been very active in the FMA fandom since before the manga ended for several reasons: photography hobby, Inception fandom taking over my LIFE (I replaced my FMA I.V. drip with that if an Inception I.V. drip), and exhaustion from a broken foot since October 2010.

So! I need your help. My Super Duper Huge Massive FMA doujin listing has been neglected now for just over a year:
if you'd like to see it updated, link me! If you'd like to take over it's undertaking, let me know so I can redirect folks. :)


Since I may not make it back for another post I have a little bitty request- for recs. Anything from the past 6 or so months. Art and fic and discussions of: Maes, Roy, Ed and any pairing of those three, I read adult ratings mostly but a well-versed PG fic is awesome as well. Any good metafic, I'll take that too!


As I mentioned above, I have totally been sucked into Inception. I feel like a terrible fangirl for slowly weeding FMA out of my life. So I ask: is there any other Inception fans here? Do any of you RP? Are you interested in a little x-over? I'd like to keep it a short RP (an end to it in sight), plot-oriented with a lot of yaoi. If this interests you then please let me know! I've been RPing/writing fandoms since 1998ish, though you don't need to have as much experience as this you should be a dedicated writer of sorts.
Tags: doujinshi, recs (fanfic)

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