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FIC: Everybody Loves Ed

Title: Everybody Loves Ed
Author: misty_nala
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Hughes, Mustang, mentions of Roy/Ed
Summary: Hughes finds about a forbidden relationship and is determined to put an end to it.
Warnings: yaoi, mild violence and swearing
A/N: This was written for Fma Fanfiction contest for prompt: Turn a cliche on its head. I am not fond of pairing in question because I have found the issue in question pretty much impossible to overcome. So, this is my take on how things would work out if someone found out Mustang and Ed had a relationship.



Seeing a familiar figure approach, Mustang lifted his gaze from his glass and gave his friend a questioning expression.

“What is it, Maes? You know I am not in a habit of-“

“Tell me it isn’t true,” the older man sat into the high bar stool next to his friend. There was a look of mixed anger and disbelief on his face.

Mustang felt his blood run cold and by the change in his pupils, Hughes knew the worst had become reality.

“He is a child!”

“This is not your problem, Maes,” the younger man lowered his head both in shame and pity for his friend. Gazing down at the orange drink, he thought about the past few weeks and felt somewhat happy that hiding had ended. He had dread for this conversation, however.

Hughes felt his temper rise and it took his everything to keep his voice even.

“Roy, you are my best friend and I promised to support you in anything you need to become a Fuhrer. This isn’t good for anyone!”

“We care for each other, Maes.”

“It’s okay to care; never stop caring!” The man assured his friend. “Yet, this has gone too far. Edward is already dreaming about a life with you.”

“This is all about Edward, isn’t it? You wouldn’t come here if it weren’t that boy I was dating.”

Shocked by the twisted confession, the man protected his duty as a father.

“You know Edward is like my own son and I am going to do anything in order to protect him.”

“Making us to break up is only going to make him worse,” Mustang sipped his drink, his ignorance irritating the older man.

“Roy, you are fifteen years apart!” Hughes was intent on making his friend understand and stop the madness. “Edward is a minor- a child!”

“He gave up his childhood when entering the military.”

“Don’t give me that shit,” Hughes whispered with venom in his voice.”You know just as well as I do that the boy has needed looking after ever since he first came to Central. Remember the sick days and holidays he has spent in my home? If you had ever bothered to pay a visit, you would have seen him act like a boy his age should. You have always raised him in hierarchy over everyone. Edward may be a talented and extra-ordinary kid but he is still only fifteen years old!”

“There is something special in him, Maes, I can’t describe it. All the women I have dated; they are nothing when compared to him.”

After those sweet words, there was a silence which neither dared to break.

“This is going to hurt both of you,” Maes shook his head slowly.  “Edward isn’t ready for the kind of relationship you want and need.”

“He is a mature soul. All the hardships have toughened him up; he is already an adult.”

“Not physically,” Hughes shook his head. “Roy, it’s alright for you to like Edward; pretty much everyone likes him. Yet, I want you to start thinking with your head instead of that lower part of yours.”

Mustang stared at his drink, anticipating Maes had yet more to say and soon the older man continued his persuasion talk.

 “I am trying to protect you both. Edward is still going through puberty and it’s normal for him to have feelings for the same sex and, believe me, I have no problem with it. You know as well as everyone he might well end up being completely straight and that’s when you will be hurt and abandoned. The only thing I want is for you two to be hurt as little as possible.”

“But the future is not today. We care for each other and have no limitations.”

“Really? “ The yellow-green eyed man snorted silently. “What about your post?  I’m sure the higher-ups wouldn’t be pleased when hearing you have interfered with a child.”

“Stop referring to Edward as a child! Besides, where would they hear about this? We have met in the sly.”

On the look on his friends face, Mustang’s heart beat faster.
“You wouldn’t.”

“If you won’t stop this, your career will be over,” Hughes whispered, his eyes darker than ever before. “I am your friend, Roy, but above, all I am a father and the best of my children is the closest thing to my heart.”

“Edward isn’t your child! He would manage well without you fussing around him. You are making things more complicated-“

As If by an instinct, Hughes stood up from his chair and punched the younger man into the face, sending him down to the floor. Numerous pairs of eyes stared at the couple; the taller breathing in rage, the knuckles of his clenched fists turning white, the smaller looking somewhat frightened and nursing his injury.

As the bartender told them to settle their disagreements outside, Hughes said his final piece of advice:

“You come to my place tonight and tell Edward it’s over. After that, if I ever see you with him, or hear something inappropriate has happened between the two of you, I’m calling the police.”


That night Hughes slowly opened the door to Edward’s room and finally took a proper look on the sad scenery.  Books had been thrown onto the floor and clothes were scattered all around the place.

“It’s for his best,” Gracia had agreed on the decision.

Walking closer to the unmoving figure on the bed, Hughes crouched and spotted a trail of dried tears on the sleeping child’s cheeks. As gently as possible, he drew a duvet on his boy and made sure the position was comfortable to sleep in. Edward made no sound during the process but kept breathing through his partly open mouth.

The man couldn’t help wondering what the boy was dreaming about. He hoped Edward was only resting after an emotionally distressing day but there was a tiny assumption in the back of his head that the past events had already made a lasting effect.

“I did it for you, kiddo,” Hughes caressed the golden hair, whispering the words. “Someday you will understand.”

Hughes knew he never would.

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