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I want to try this haiku this holiday season!

Summary – 10 hilarious haiku themes from the gangs of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Disclaimer – This haiku is my work! All Fullmetal Alchemist characters belongs to Bones/SquareEnix.

Fullmetal Haiku

The Elric Brothers

One whose short, other whose tall

They're brotherly love

The little beansprout,

his eyes sterned to all of us–

'Don't call me small, bitch!'

The Automail ace:

Beware this beauteous lass –

Run! She's got big wrench!

The Flame Alchemist,

He swooned with burning desire–

lock up your women!

Poor Black Hayate–

rushing quickly to the pole

when its nature calls

Lieutenant Havoc–

smokes too much weed by mistake,

he's totally stoned!

Lieutenant Havoc

has a weakness of women

with double D BOOBS!

As Gluttony eats–

his stomach ache gotten worse...

got Pepto Bismo?

May Chang went shattered–

the man of her fantasies...

is short as a rice!

The ghost of Maes Hughes–

he prowls with his daughter's pics!

SCREAM! Run for your lives!

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