teran despuine (teranm) wrote in fm_alchemist,
teran despuine

Cosplay armor For sale! Edward Elric

Edward Elric Cosplay arm for sale. I made this in 2005 for conventions. It is made from the same pvc plastic that I do most of my armor from. It is the chest/shoulder piece and his arm with a retractable blade.
Size: shoulder hole = 20 inch arm circumference
Bicep = 14 inch
Forearm = 12 inch
wrist = 9 inch
glove = large batting glove.
I will replace the elastic band that holds it onto the chest at the time of purchase. I would normally sale this at $130, but since I am unemployed at the moment I am willing to sale it for $100 or best offer message me if you are interested in buying it. Here is one picture of it and this link shows more pictures of it. Look at it carefully before deciding. There is no return once purchased. Shipping will be figured at the time of purchase. http://rmchrisco.com/?p=126


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