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Episode 40 thoughts.. Again.

I know there is a heard of Episode 40 thoughts, but I thought I might aswell through mine in too.

  1. The Fuhrer. Am I the only one who thinks what he did was OK? I mean, for cripes sake, in the manga, Greed defies Hoheinhemm. So he brings Greed to him. I made a theory with my friend that in the manga, Bradley doesn't want to be a Sin. He does have a Wife and a Step-Son. So, he's looking to get rid of them. Mattel is still a fellon, whether or not Al likes her. She did work for Greed, and Greed did do stuff wrong. The Fuhrer is the head of the army, he has the right to kill convicted felons.  I was in much glee that it's almost exactly out of the manga, with the swords, and Mattel being inside Al, and notice Fuhrer had his eyes closed... But that leads me into my next point...
  2. Frank Archer was originally supposed to be Pride. Why? I think that once the little kid became Wrath, alot of people in Japan where frustrated/confused between the manga and anime with Bradley. I mean, it's refrenced that Pride "Is with Ed and Al" when Frank and Armstrong are taking away Wrath. The Fuhrer isn't there yet. I think that they realized that the Fuhrer would be very odd if he was working with the Sins like that, but did not have a connection. Did anyone else notice how odd the animation was for the last few segments? Maybe it was added later?
  3. Rose's Baby (XD Rosemary's Baby..) at first I thought it was Scar's child, but that didn't work out. I doubt they'll say she was rapped, or, since one of the episode's is called "The Virgin Mary", which is giving birth without sex, perhaps someone, an National Alchemist, through Alchemy, pregnated Rose? That'd be very intresting.
  4. I don't think Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, and Pride won't die until the movie. Notice the lack of Lust and Sloth. The main reason is, we have no connection to who those 4 are (Minus Wrath, but for some reason, I just can't see him dying in the show.)
  5. As nice is Motherland is, it almost killed the ending of 40. I mean, Revelation > Death > Agnst > Fanservice? I actually went into Movie Maker and changed the ending into Tobira No Mukoe e, it works alot better. >:D

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